Texas House of Representatives Transportation Committee

As many of you know HB-1755 is the bill that House Representative Ed Thompson has introduced to help correct Administrative 217.3. You may also know that Texas Legislation is currently in session and that the next step in the process is for our bill to be heard by
the House Transportation Committee. At that time public testimony is almost always solicited on bills; allowing citizens the opportunity to present arguments on different sides of an issue.
When a House Committee holds a public hearing during a legislative session they must post a notice of 5 days before the hearing. What that means to you and I is that we will get 5 calendar
days to plan to be at the hearing where bill HB 1755 is read for the first time. If you want to join us, you had better get your Sunday go to Meeting clothes ready now. (I will wear a Suit & Tie)
The House Transportation Committee consists of 13 Members. Below I have listed all of the Members on that Committee, the District they are in & the Counties they represent. We are not limiting people from joining us, but it would be nice to have people that they represent in attendance. It is not prudent to have a ton of people talk as time is limited, but we will decide who fits our narrative best when we get a list of people who can attend the hearing when it is scheduled.
Texas House of Representatives Transportation Committee.
Chair – Terry Canales (Democrat) – District 40 – Hidalgo (Part)
Vise Chair – Brooks Landgraf (Republican) – District 81 – Andrews, Winkler, Ector
Diego Bernal (Democrat) – District 123 – Bexar
Yvonne Davis (Democrat) – District 111 – Dallas (Part)
Craig Goldman (Republican) – District 97 – Tarrant (Part)
Cole Hefner (Republican) – District 5 – Camp, Morris, Rains, Smith (Part), Titus, Wood
Matt Krause (Republican) – District 93 – Tarrant (Part)
Ben Leman (Republican) – District 13 – Austin, Burlson, Colorado, Fayette, Grimes, Lavaca, Washington
Armando Martinez (Democrat) – District 39 – Hidalgo (Part)
Evelina “Lina” Ortega (Democrat) – District 77 – El Paso
John Raney (Republican) – District – 14 – Brazos
Shawn Thierry (Democrat) – District 146 – Harris (Part)
Ed Thompson (Republican) – District 29 – Brazoria
In addition, if you live in any of the above districts please email me your Name, City/County you live in & your Phone Number so that we can compile a list for each where they have constituents living in their specific District.