Sunset Commission Meeting!

Over all, I would say that today was a great success! A great success in that we were able to see that Legislators are visibly confused as to why the TxDMV passed an Administrative Rule that keeps so many of our Dune Buggies, Sandrails, & Kitcars off the road. We now have even more Legislators on our side! It was interesting to see Legislators ask questions about Save the Texas Dune Buggy before we got to the open forum to speak. That means that Ron, our Lobbyist has been able to get them to see just how ridicules this issue is, as well as tells us that our letters are in fact making an impact that we need to push forward with.
I think that one of the most interesting things I witnessed during todays Sunset Commission Meeting, was watching the TxDMV on Defense after seeing them act so smug for so long.
Lonny Doyle who owns DF Kitcar spoke about how he lives here in Texas and is losing multiple sales because of Administrative Rule 217.3. Although they are able to sell kits anywhere in the US, they are in Texas and cannot sell to people in their home state, heck they can’t even let them take a test drive. This helps the TxDMV see that this has a larger economic impact than what can be seen on the surface. Justin spoke about how he had the DF Kitcar he built Titled/Registered for 33 months when he got his letter to revoke. When I spoke I talked about how people from all over the nation, as well as other hobbyist groups were keeping a close eye on how this all plays out, as we all fear that this is just the beginning. I also spoke to the fact that our Member Caleb was at a carshow in Colorado and overheard a guy talking about how he had just picked up a Buggy that someone sold in Texas for next to nothing. I mentioned that when I moved back to Texas from New Mexico my Buggy was Titled/Registered, and that all changed when I tried to get my Buggy Title/Registered in Texas. You could see the concern and disgust on all their faces; I look forward to hearing where things go from here with regards to the TxDMV and the Sunset Commission.
I am not sure when but the State will post up a recording of todays meeting at
no After we spoke our Lobbyist Ron had set up a meeting between Governor Abbotts Policy Advisor, Justin, Ron, DF Kitcar Owners Lonny & Adam, and me. He mentioned that there had been an influx of new Letters that had started to roll in this week, and that he is the guy tasked with reading them all. He then looked at me and said that he can’t help but think that was by design. I smiled and said that he should expect more! SO DO YOURSELVES AS WELL AS EVERYOTHER DUNE BUGGY, SANDRAIL, & KITCAR OWNER A FAVOR AND KEEP WRITING THOSE LETTERS! They are working! He said that he felt the Rule was out of line & that he was on our side! He feels that we will get this turned around; he just had no definitive answer as to how long it will take.
Okay time for me to bring this to an end… FINALLY! I am REALLY going to start pushing for two things! 1. We all need to write more Letters, I will post to the details as we go along. I watched it FIRST HAND in todays meeting that our Letter writing DOES IN FACT HAVE A LARGE IMPACT! 2. We really need to work on the Donations, as Ron (Our Lobbyist) has done some amazing things for us. But that does come at a price; he needs to eat as well. As soon as I can pull it all together I am going to post and expenditure report so everyone can see where their donations are being spent. Last, but not least Thank you for staying involved with all of this. I know we have been working on it for a long time, but I assure you there is light at the end of the tunnel now!