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In the past, we had worried about the TxDMV being able to read what was written in this group. We did so because, during the Working Groups, they used our words against us at times. In fact, the talks about ways to get around the rules seemed to push Kuntz to put up more roadblocks. However, in this process, we are no longer worried about the TxDMV. We have moved beyond them, and are now working with their “Boss” if you will. I say all of that to get to my point, I have opened the group so that posts are easier to share. The problem with that, EVERYONE has to THINK before they post! Please be reasonable with your posts, and if we feel your post is offensive. It will be deleted. We haven’t had much of a problem in the past, but the group was not this big. Please be kind, if you notice there is only one Admin on this page. LOL

Check it out here…    Save the Texas Dune Buggy

What we plan to do next.

This is going to be another long, informative post, but it will give a clearer picture of what we have planned for the future. First, let me tell you that we are now working on “Government Time” so it is doubtful that speed will take place anywhere during the next phase that we started. So please be patient, as more is going on than it seems. Unfortunately, we are going to feel like we are watching Grass grow for a while. In other words, I am asking for your patience please.

Our Lobbyist, Justin, and myself are scheduled to attend the May 23rd Sunset Commission Meeting to talk about the problems with Administrative Rule 217.3. In addition they have been keeping a VERY close eye on what has been happening during the “Working Group Meetings” with the TxDMV. In fact the members who we are in contact with are upset with how things were handled by the TxDMV this far. It is VERY important that the Sunset Commission is kept up to date, as the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles; Title & Registrations Division is under review with them right now. Just in case you don’t know what the Sunset Commission is… The Sunset Advisory Commission is an agency of the Texas Legislature that makes recommendations to the Legislature on whether or not to continue various state agencies.

The Texas State Governor Greg Abbotts Chief of Staff is in close contact with our Lobbyist, and Governor Abbott is kept up to date frequently. When the Chief of Staff was first summarized, he was surprised at the rogue nature the TxDMV took on passing Administrative Rule 217.3. When the Lobbyist told him how the last “Working Group Meeting” was handled, he was upset at the way the TxDMV managed & even more upset that the TxDMV never called to brief him after the meeting.

The Texas Senators that are choosing to work with us. You can contact them at, look them up at www.senate.texas.gov if you send them an email give them the information you want them to know, but please know that if you get long winded. You will lose their attention, and nothing will be gained.
Senator Joe Pickett, District 79
Senator-elect Pat Fallon, District 106
Senator Brian Birdwell, District 22
Senator Kirk Watson, District 14
Senator Dawn Buckingham, District 24
Senator Kelly Hancock, District 9
Senator Robert Nichols, District 3
Senator Larry Taylor, District 11

The Texas State Representatives that are choosing to work with us. You can look them up at www.house.state.tx.us if you do send them an email give them the information you want them to know. But please know that if you get long winded, you will lose their attention & nothing will be gained.
State Rep Ed Thompson, District 29
State Rep Chris Peddie, District 9
State Rep Johnathan Strickland, District 92
State Rep Dan Flynn District 2
State Rep Stan Lambert, District 71
State Rep DeWayne Burns, District 58
State Rep John Wray, District 10
State Rep Craig Goldman, District 97
State Rep Matt Schaefer, District 6
State Rep Poncho Nevarez, District 74

The Lobbyist and Faron are working on a Press conference that will be held on the South Side of the Capitol Building. Nothing is set in stone; we will let you know as things develop.

Faron is in the planning process of organizing a gathering of Dune Buggies, Sandrails, & Kitcars to be held somewhere in the Austin area for sometime later this year. The purpose of doing so will have a long list in the near future. This is just a tad bit of information, because we are still in the planning stages to be honest. We will let you know as things progress!

What we need from you! As many of you know the Lobbyist has done a lot for us on our journey, and plans to do even more. But he does not work for free! So please make donations, buy the cool stuff we offer up for sale from time to time. Please take the time to print up a copy of the poster that is provided on the Facebook Page, and ask to put it up anywhere and everywhere you know an Automotive Hobbyist will hang out. We are in the process of getting things in line to offer up as Auction items, so please bid on items that you feel is worth your hard earned money. Again this is just around the corner. The last thing that we ask that you do is to talk about this with everyone, we have said it before & we will say it again. There is strength in numbers! Please direct your friends to the following websites!!!