Reach out to Chairman Nichols!

I understand that I am being a bit of a NAG, but it is VERY important that Chairman Nichols hears from a LARGE Number of us. That way he will understand that SB 1462 passing is VERY Important and want to put it on the Schedule for a hearing! He probably will not be around to pick up the phone today, but we can fill his voicemail and his email. Here is what you need to say.

Chairman Nichols, Please consider setting HB 1755 for a hearing. The companion to SB 1462, HB1755 by Ed Thompson adopts and codifies rules to provide for titling, registration, and inspection of certain assembled vehicles. Current DMV rules are unclear and contradictory, causing many Texans to keep vehicles off the road that had been legal for years.

Chairman Nichols
(512) 463-0103 (TEL)
(800) 959-8633 (TOLL-FREE)
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