House Bill News

Have we got some incredible news for everyone! Wednesday, March 20th, 2019 at the Texas State Capitol Building. Our bill will be heard in a Public Hearing. We have lined up a few people that we feel will give a compelling, well thought out, & unified testimony that will work towards our benefit. We have every subcategory (Dune Buggy, Sandrail & Kitcar) represented as the goal from the start was to pave a way that we could all get back on the roads of Texas legally.
We would ask more people to give their testimony, but there is a very fine line between a productive group & pain in the neck who is taking up to much precious time.
You may not have been asked to give your testimony but it is very important that we have a LARGE Group Join us at the Capitol. It is IMPORTANT that the House Reps on the Transportation Committee see a large number of VOTERS or Constituents in the audience, as it shows them that this is important to a LARGE GROUP OF PEOPLE.
Transportation Committee – Public Hearing
Wednesday, March 20th – Meeting starts at approximately 2:00PM
Texas State Capitol Building – Room E2-030