Slowly but surely…

I just spoke to Ron & he gave me an update. We understand that it seems that things are moving along at a snails pace, and I assure you that they are. But Ron does not seem worried, as this is all perfectly normal. SIGH!

Our bill is in the final stages of draft and we should be getting the final copy soon. Once we finally receive a copy, our team will go over it with a fine tooth comb, in order to make sure that the bill has the correct language to accomplish our collective goal.

The first day for bills to get scheduled for hearings in committees will be February 19th. However, that does not necessarily mean our bill will be heard that day. Ron & the author of our bill will be requesting that the Committee Chairman schedule for our hearing ASAP. It sure as heck feels like we are behind the 8 Ball, but we are tracking along nicely as I understand it.

For those of you who would like to attend the Committee Hearing, the Committee will post the schedule for the bills to be heard… Soon. We should get between 3 to 5 days notice so that we can make arrangements to attend. Hopefully, that will give everyone ample time to plan & travel if needed.
As of this moment, that’s about all we have on the specifics of what is happening with our bill. As per normal, I will post an update as we learn of them.