Fund Raising Windscreen

Tom donated a few of his custom made windscreens called “The Difference” that fit perfectly in a Manx Rollbar. We have Yellow, Red, and a Green available for a $100.00 donation. If you would like to make one of the beautiful as well as useful windscreens yours, please donate $100.00 to the PayPal account. Don’t forget to give us the color you want & your address in the notes section.

Fund Raising Hats

We have some really nice Black “Trucker” Hats available for a $35.00 Donation each! All Hats are Adjustable, Black with Black mesh in the back. You can choose the color Graphic that you would like on the front. We have Blue Graphics, Red Graphics, Lime Green Graphics, & White Graphics on them. If you would like to make one yours please make a donation to our PayPal Account. Make sure that you let us know what color Graphic you would like & your address.