Board Meeting 08/16/2018

In case you missed it, the Video of the TxDMV Board meeting is up and running. We are Agenda #9. I spent a lot of time last night watching it, as I am sure many of you did as well. To bad so much time & resources has, is, and will continue to be spent on this issue. Rather than the TxDMV working on things that are far more important, and we are not in the garage building or out living a dream with a cool little vehicles.
After watching the video, no where does Kuntz directly say that “It was TADA that started this, because they were protecting their POTENTIAL SALES OPPORTUNITIES. However if you read between the lines you will understand that TADA is doing all it can to shut us down. In much the same way (although not as grand), as they have done to Tesla. We should have listened harder when Kuntz said, “We don’t want this to become another TESLA ISSUE” It was just very difficult to wrap our heads around us being as huge of an issue as Tesla…
When you watch the video, you can tell that they are trying to tell us that their hands are tied & we need to take this up with Legislation. DING! DING! DING! We understand that, and working with Legislation was the plan from the beginning. We were simply giving the TxDMV an opportunity to change the rules to be more fair, just like they did when they changed it to this….. CRAP. We always knew that the TxDMV would be a temporary fix!
Its funny that the Board continues to ask throughout the video that we push forward and pass this rule, so that we can work together on fixing it in the future. Do they not understand that we HAVE been trying to work with Kuntz and his Cronies in the “Working Groups” for 8 months. With each meeting the target moves and the ideas that Kuntz and his cronies come up with become more and more restrictive.
A few moments that stand out to me, & there are more. I am going to ask that we all pick this video apart & have civil conversation as to what stands out to you personally. What the heck, lets start a drinking game where we all take a drink when the Board Members & Staff point their fingers in hopes they divert the heat to someone else, or when Kuntz lies. Who am I kidding, no one would be able to make it through the whole video….
12:50 – Barnwell & Kuntz admit it that the world is in fact watching to see what the outcome of this issue.
2:36 – Barnwell asks Kuntz What would be the upshot of just forgetting about Administrative Rule 217.3 altogether.
2:39 Barnwell talks about how he is anti regulation & hints that AR 217.3 is Regulation for Regulations sake.
2:39:40 – Barnwell talks about how rules are being put into place that really hamper as well as hurt people.
2:40:00 – The moment it became clear to me that the Board was listening to us.
1:18:30 – Duncan gives an explanation as to why they did not need to have Statistics as in order to pass AR 217.3.
1:29:30 – Palacios talks about how their hands are tied and points the fingers at Legislation. Trying to fade the heat from us to Legislators.
1:24:30 The camera zooms on a Board Member that looks like he is falling asleep.
A little house keeping before we move forward. The conversations must be kept civil, and we all need to refrain from name calling or insulting one another. As I am sure you all understand this group is monitored very closely. As our group grows, so does the number of personalities. From this point forward if a person steps out of line, we will give a warning & if you continue to be a jerk you will be deleted. We have an excellent group here, and we all want to keep it that way.