And Now We Know!

It has been a pretty active day for us at the Texas State Capitol, as we have a little more news regarding Save the Texas Dune Buggy, Sandrail & Kitcar. We have confirmation as to who it is that is trying to rid Texas roads from Dune Buggies, Sandrails & Kitcars. The lobbyist for TADA (Texas Automobile Dealers Association) spoke with Ron (our lobbyist) at the Capitol & told him TADA is opposing our bill. Even though the bill has not been filed & they have not had the opportunity to read a word of it.

“The Texas Automobile Dealers Association (TADA) is the statewide trade association representing over 1,300 franchised automobile dealerships in nearly 300 communities throughout the state of Texas.TADA advocates on behalf of the dealers at the Texas Legislature, Congress, and all regulatory agencies.”

For those of you who do not know General Counsel for TADA has been involved with this issue from the start, yet they have been VERY Closed lipped at EVERY MEETING!

When discussions on the safety of our cars was brought up, and we asked how a Dune Buggy, Sandrail or Kitcar was less Safe then a Motorcycle. Tada had nothing to say.

When we asked why the TxDMV felt that a Assembled Vehicle was less safe than that of a Motorcycle, Hot Rod, Rat Rod, etc., and the TxDMV responded with “Those vehicles are in a different catagory”. TADA had nothing to say.
When we asked the TxDMV for data to PROVE that our Vehicles were unsafe. TADA had nothing to say.

When we showed the TxDMV that NHTSA had written a letter talking about how an Assembled Vehicle was not governed by the Federal Government, & that it was up to the individual State to regulate them. TADA had nothing to say.

When we showed Graphics of how other categories of vehicles modified their chassis in much the same way as a person did for an Original Dune Buggy, and the TxDMV only said that those vehicles were in a different category. TADA had nothing to say.

When Jeremiah Kuntz, the Director of the Vehicle Titles & Registration Division for the TxDMV directly asked TADA General Counsel what they had to say about the 3 Working Group Meetings that were set up by the TxDMV Board of Directors. TADA had nothing to say.

Of all the time and money that has been spent thus far during both Working Group Meetings as well as TxDMV Board Meetings that TADA has been DIRECTLY INVOLVED in. TADA has had nothing to say.

Fast forward to today when their lobbyist told ours, that TADA will be opposing our bill BEFORE they have even had a chance to read it. Stating that they are doing so because they heard they were unsafe automobiles. This is 100% disgusting, Friends!

Folks, we now have absolute confirmation who our enemy is! At the right time we will need EVERYONE to call their legislator and give them the facts. They need to hear from US the Builders & Owners what the facts are in regards to our vehicles, and NOT the distorted arguments that TADA will give.

The FIGHT is on. That is all we have for now!